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Canna ‘Tony’
Each $11.00

Grows florescent orange flowers. Can be grown as a shallow pond plant or in regular soil in the gard…

Canna 'Intrigue'
Each $12.50

'Intrigue' is truly fascinating with its peach colored flowers and gorgeous maroon foliage. The cont…

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Spring Plant Maintenance thoughts....

It is finally beginning to warm up here in Ellensburg and it was warm enough today that I began to c

Barbara Ansley-Vensas
28th Feb 2021

2021 Changes at Endless Song

Pickup at our nursery will be available as soon as "Spring" arrives here in Ellensburg.  (Usual

8th Feb 2021

How to plant a Water Lily

In my zone (4-5), it is a perfect time to divide and plant my Water Lilies.Find a pot with holes in

Barbara Ansley-Vensas
30th Mar 2020