We only Ship Mon - Wed


We only ship to addresses in the continental US.

We only ship on Mon, Tue and Wed.  We do not want plants in route over the weekends.  The plants will die.

DO NOT ORDER PLANTS IF YOU CANNOT RECEIVE THEM AND OPEN THEM IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL. These are water plants, they need to be kept moist.  We can do that only for the amount of time estimated in our shipping methods (2 -3 days.) 

If you want the plants but want them to arrive on a specific Wed, Thur or Fri, let us know and we will see what we can do.

If on your receipt day, you are not going to be home when the plants will be arriving, leave a note for the carrier to put the package in a place out of the sun.  Open them immediately and have a bucket of water or a pond ready for the plants.  As long as there roots are immersed in water, you can wait a few days before planting. 

Contact us with questions.